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Software as service over the Internet

Energy Opticon offers several functionalities such as load and price forecasts as well as production support as service over Internet.  With these solutions the customer can reduce the demand on own resources (IT and personal) to a minimum and benefit from Energy Opticon’s experience and ser-vices. All data is sent automatically in chosen time intervals. This service over Internet is also used for individual test forecasts.


Personal and Professional Service

Energy Opticon provides weekly service to all our customers with SLA (Service Level Agreement) and every customer has a key account owner at Energy Opticon, with whom most of the contact goes through. Weekly service includes trimming of forecasts and an overall check of the Energy Optima 3 system.

Energy Opticon offers personal support at normal office hours both through phone and e-mail. Our educated staff is always only a phone call away and the caller will never be stuck in long waiting lines or answering machines.

Continuous updates with new Energy Optima 3 software releases are also included in the service contract.

Energy Opticon continuously makes satisfaction surveys among the customers, with very positive results.



Energy Opticon provides different educations for how to use the Energy Optima 3 system. We offer standard education packages as well as custom made educations to be able to meet our customer’s specific needs.

The use of experienced course leaders from Energy Opticon makes the introduction of the system into the customer’s staff smooth and easy


Consultancy work

Benefit from Energy Opticon’s 25 years of experience about production optimization and forecasting. Energy Opticon offers consultancy services with and around Energy Optima 3, common examples are::

  • Feasibilities studies about optimization potential

  • Project evaluations (influence of changes in the production structure, pay-back time, etc.)

  • Market potential (compare the current used markets with new/other possibilities, e.g. different types of reserve power)

  • Test forecasts

  • Special development projects, ex. for interfaces – import/export.