e-Flex - Digital platform for energy trade and consumer flexibility

In Lund, a new approach has been tested to make the energy system both more environmentally friendly and more robust. The core is the development of a digital platform where energy is bought and sold. Both district heating, district cooling and electricity will be traded on the platform. Both district heating, district cooling and electricity will be traded on the platform. Furthermore, there is hope that the solution, which is developed in the project e-Flex – digital platform for energy trade and consumer flexibility, will be copied by other energy companies and municipalities.

The goal of the project is to create a flexible energy system through an increased collaboration between energy companies and property owners. Many property owners have an untapped resource in the form of waste heat, which can be useful in the overhead energy system. Furthermore, property owners can contribute by being flexible when using heat, electricity and cooling. Through the collaboration, the property owner's energy costs may decrease at the same time as the energy systems are relieved at times when the demand is high.

During the project test phase, a number of properties in Lund's hospital area and Eslöv were included. The goal was to show that the solution works so that more property owners follow. If many property owners in the municipality can connect to the solution, a less vulnerable and more environmentally friendly energy system can be created.

The project includes participants from the business, research, and public sector.

The partners Kraftringen, Region Skåne, Energy Opticon, Lund University and RISE are all at the forefront of the energy and real estate area and are located in Lund. In addition to these, the cluster organization Sustainable Business Hub is also included in the project.

The project is funded by participating partners and the Swedish Energy Agency.

Read more about the project on Kraftringen's webpage: https://www.kraftringen.se/om-kraftringen/om-oss/framtiden/e-flex/