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March 21, 2024: Energy Opticon supplies a system for optimization of hydrogen production to Ren-Gas in Finland together with Valmet

Valmet Automation delivers a full-scale central control room simulator to Nordic Ren-Gas Oy, where Energy Opticon's software Energy Optima 3 for optimization of hydrogen systems is included as part of an overall solution.

Ren-Gas Oy is the leading Nordic producer of green hydrogen and e-methane in Finland.

The delivery will include a Valmet DNA automation system, where Energy Optima 3 forms the production optimization part, which aims to prove and test all central control room functions in a simulated and risk-free environment.

The value of the order will not be made public. The goal is to deliver the entire central control room and process modeling for six plants and have the final acceptance test by the end of 2024.

“Our project target is to build a pilot system to ensure and validate the central control room concept including functionalities and interfaces. This will also help us to test our operational strategies in running our multiple production facilities together as a whole portfolio. The choice for Valmet DNA automation system has been a thoroughly selected one. We wanted to develop our own way of working and with the full-scale simulator, we can build our operations to be ready to offer the services as optimal as possible from day one. The digitalization enables new methods to testing and developing, so that not only our technology but also our people can be ready from the start,” says Aleksi Sipilä, Automation Manager at Nordic Ren-Gas Oy.

“The simulator is equipped with Valmet DNA automation system, which integrates energy and production optimization (Energy Optima 3), advanced process controls, and information management systems. With the simulator, Nordic Ren-Gas Oy can optimize and test the data driven operational strategies in a realistic environment. The simulator also offers an effective way to train the operators for various scenarios and situations in a risk-free environment. This delivery demonstrates Valmet's commitment to provide innovative and sustainable solutions for the hydrogen and Power-to-X sectors,” says Jyri Kaivosoja, Senior Product Manager, Automation Systems, Valmet.

Read more about the project on Valmet's webpage.

3D render of Nordic Ren-Gas plant in Tampere, Finland

More about the customer Nordic Ren-Gas Oy

Nordic Ren-Gas Oy is Finland's leading hydrogen economy project developer. They are constructing a distributed renewable e-methane production network in Finland and are investing in P2X gas production and distribution sites in Finland.

The renewable fuels produced by Ren-Gas will reduce the use of fossil fuels in heavy-duty road and maritime transportation by approximately 250 million liters annually. The resulting clean fuel can reduce over one million tons of carbon dioxide annually in the transport and energy sectors. The energy source for the produced e-methane is obtained from Finnish wind power. Read more: https://ren-gas.com/en/