• Energy Optima 3

    Unique know-how for energy companies


Advanced Reporting with Business Intelligence concept consists of two parts:

Import/Export of data: With this solution Energy Opticon can offer a wide range of possibilities and high flexibility about the import and export of data to and from Energy Optima 3. The tool allows customers a maximum level of handling changes themselves.

Visualization of data: Individual visualization of data from the Energy Optima 3 system. Energy Optima 3 users can set up own reports showing the information of interest in a personally configured format. It is also commonly used for showing follow up data such as economic follow up and forecast follow-up.


An important function is the access to simulation databases. A simulation database is a separate database besides the normal “sharp” database. The simulation database is used for making own sce-narios for weather and load forecasts in order to evaluate how these variations influence the result of the calculations. It can also be used for making evaluations of the economical results of changes in the energy system.