• Energy Optima 3

    Unique know-how for energy companies



The Smart Optima Heat Network (SOHN) module is a software tool that helps district heating producing companies to economically optimize the forward temperature in the operation of its district heating network, based on adaptive and dynamic calculation models. 


All the economically important components of the district heating network are modelled and the economically optimal operating scenario is calculated.

The new module takes into consideration:

  • Heat storage in the district heating network
  • Time delays in the network
  • Heat losses
  • Transmission constraints (bottle necks)
  • Temperature dependent efficiencies for steam turbines and flue gas condensers 

The district heating network is dynamic in nature such that a change in flow rate affects the entire network within a few seconds. However, it may take several hours for a change in forward temperature to reach the entire network. Smart Optima Heat Network utilizes this phenomenon and allows working with the dynamics of the network instead of against it.


The result of optimizing with the Smart Optima Heat Network are:

  • Fewer start/stop of production units, resulting in economical savings and reduced wear of units.  
  • Lower CO2 emissions, as fossil fuels are often used during start-up of boilers. In addition, it is often fossil fuel that is used in peak load boilers that starts at temporary load peaks, which now can be avoided.
  • Better management of transmission constraints in the district heating network, so that heat produced with lower cost can reach larger parts of the heat network
  • Less water flow fluctuations in the network by adjusting the forward temperature to current time delays so that the right temperature reaches the consumers.

With support from VINNOVA.