• Energy Optima 3

    Unique know-how for energy companies

Energy trading

Energy Optima 3 focuses on the needs of traders working with the current market demands under a constantly rising time pressure. With standard solutions for individual scenarios, Energy Optima 3 optimizes:

  • Long-term volumes

  • Spot Day-Ahead market
  • Spot Intraday market

  • Reserve Power

  • Balance Power

  • All kind of energy types

  • Internal and external suppliers and demands

Confirmed optimization results or data stays in the system and is taken into consideration in following optimizations if required.

The progress of renewable energies with higher capacities of wind and photovoltaic energy have led to very intensive changes on the electricity market:

  • Electricity prices show strong fluctuations, which requires good electricity price forecasts

  • The electricity balances in electricity grids become unstable due to the uncertainty in influx of the wind and solar radiation. This has led to that the need for services for reserve power has increased, especially in Central Europe

The Energy Optima 3 Trading Module is therefore mainly focused on trading of electricity, but can also be used for trading of other forms of energy.


Electricity price forecasts

Energy Optima 3 includes electricity prices forecasts for the day-ahead spotmarket with prices for each hour of the next few days in the total optimization. This forecast is then the basis for day-ahead electricity trading on the power exchange.


Reserve power

Energy Optima 3 handles all the three types of reserve power traded in the markets for balance power:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Tertiary

This includes the handling of specific national rules for the lengths of bids for balance power, as well as price forecasts for balance power.

Total optimization

In optimizations that include the trading module, all the ingoing components of the total economy are optimized:

  • Own electricity production

  • Deliveries on contracts and the demand for district heating, steam and other energy types

  • Sales and purchases of various market products in the electricity market as day-ahead, intra-day and balancing power