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Energy Optima 3 User Group Meeting

The largest network meeting in the Nordic region for electricity and district heating optimization!

Energy Opticon has the pleasure and honor to each year invite users and partners from different parts of Europe to the Energy Optima 3 User Meeting, a tradition since 1996.

This is the largest network meeting for optimization of energy production and district heating systems in Sweden and a unique opportunity to exchange experiences and discuss the future, challenges and opportunities that exist for companies in the energy industry.

The user group meeting is held every year in different places, always in modern and creative environment - either in urban or scenic surroundings.
Presentations, workshops and educations are held in Swedish and English, but can also be held in German if needed.


Energy Optima 3 User Group Meeting covers 2-3 days and has the following focus:

  • Group discussions, networking, team building and exchange of experiences between participants,
  • Trends in the European energy market,
  • Presentation of user examples,
  • Possible new development projects of Energy Optima 3, to meet the needs of the users and the energy market,
  • Latest news and new opportunities with Energy Optima 3,
  • Educational demo and workshop,
  • Basic training for new users or special training for advanced users,
  • Possibility to book individual meetings,
  • Organized team building activities,
  • Good dining, entertainment and socializing in the evening.

The Energy Opticon team wishes you welcome!

If you are interested in knowing more about this event, please send an email to info@opticon.se​