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We firmly believe that the users of our product is our most important asset and we have a large number of customers in several European countries. We have noticed a sharp increase in demand for our product in recent years.

The reasons for this trend are the changes of the energy sector through the advancement of renewable energy, particularly wind power and photovoltaics. The so important preservation of the environment and the future energy policy has resulted in lower electricity prices and profits.

Energy Optima 3 is optimizing the best energy system in the world!!

Falu Energi & Vatten winner of the Global District Energy Award 2013 “Award of Excellence”

Västermalmsverket is a community-owned and operated bio-energy plant that has achieved continuous efficiency improvements. Some of these improvements are:

  • Reduction of NOx by 60 tons/year
  • Reduction of SOx by 2 tons /year and reduced particulates
  • CO2 reductions by 145 000 tons/year (this equals displacing 47 000 cars from the road!)

Some information on the energy system::

  • 99% biofuel (wood residual),  1% landfill and liquefied gas

  • Simultaneous production of heat, cooling, electricity and wood pellets

  • Pellets produced in summer to maximize CHP electricity and used in district heating during winter months

  • District heating network is 180 km long, approximately 2 500 properties connected