• About Energy Opticon


About Energy Opticon

Energy Opticon offers an IT-solution, the software Energy Optima 3, for energy companies.

This unique system, including forecasting and optimization calculations, is a very powerful tool to provide a common basis for the planning of energy production and energy trading.

We are a stable and profitable corporation that is 100 % owned by the management and we have more than 26 years of experience in the business! Our long experience and know-how, together with our cooperation with our customers are trademarks to the company. Our staff is constantly striving for a friendly, positive and competent treatment of clients.

Energy Opticon and Energy Optima 3 is widely represented through our many customers and our carefully chosen specialized and complementing partner companies.

Some Chronology

  • 1989  -  Energy Opticon was founded
  • 1992  -  The software Energy Optima was released on the market and was used by the first Swedish cus-tomers
  • 2000  -  The software was thoroughly changed in regards to design and technique and Energy Optima 2000 was released
  • 2002 - Customers in several other different countries in Europe, such as Germany, Finland and Denmark
  • 2010 - Customers also in France and Switzerland
  • 2013 - The software was thoroughly changed in regards to design and technique and Energy Optima 3, built on the Microsoft.NET Framework, was released


Quality Policy

Energy Opticon offers IT-solutions for energy companies and provides computer tools and services for economical optimization of the energy production, load forecasting, energy trading support and optimization of the district heating network.

Energy Opticon’s goal is that our products and services will contribute with the following for our customers: 

  • To be a know-how elevator for the energy companies staff for reducing costs and emissions.
  • To deliver the most efficient and reliable optimization system.

Quality for Energy Opticon is when the customer has confirmed these points during their contact with us.
To achieve these goals, Energy Opticon continuously works with improvements and is closely following the developments on the energy market and the environment. This includes both the laws and regulations that are relevant to Energy Opticon’s business, as well as technological developments and our customers and other stakeholders stated and unstated needs.